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Contentful Development

Contentful Development, Configuration and Setup

The IMS Team can assist with Contentful configuration, updating and scheduling across all devices and platforms.  We have expertise in Retail setup and management and integration into custom developed frontends. 

Contentful App, API, Retail & Database Integration

Our team possesses expertise in leveraging the capabilities of Contentful, spanning across its app, API, and intricate integration scenarios. With hands-on experience in the Contentful app, we curate and manage content models that serve as the bedrock for digital experiences. Through the API (or directly), we deliver this content to various front-end channels, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness. Our holistic approach, combining Contentful’s offerings with our domain-specific expertise, paves the way for digital solutions that resonate with end-users and drive business objectives.

To learn more about how IMS can help you with your Contentful implementation reach out to us today.

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