IMS offer SEO services

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process behind getting the best possible ranking for your website when a search is performed on a search engine.  The objective of SEO is to get the best possible ranking on the results page for your site for a specific keyword or search term.   

At IMS we start the SEO process by analysing your website and looking at the industry you operate in and your core business and its objectives.  We look at your sites content, code, keyword density, architecture and general SEO indicators that can influence your ranking.  We then identify the specific keywords and search terms people would use to find your company.  Once we have identified the gaps and opportunities in your site, content and keywords we create a SEO strategy for your business.  

After the SEO strategy has been created and approved, we execute it and make the necessary changes to your website and its content.  Some of these changes may include changing code on your site, creating new content or editing existing content and changing keyword density.  As search engine optimisation is an ongoing process, we provide monthly SEO services to ensure you are constantly well ranked or are increasing in ranking month on month.   Monthly SEO reports are also provided so the effectiveness can easily be assessed and analysed. 

IMS is an digital ad agency based in Lonehill Fourways and offers SEO services.


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