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Virtually Reality was once science fiction but in 2016 it’s virtually, a reality. This innovation immerses you within a computer generated 3D world, tracks your movement and updates the display. Thereby, tricking your brain into thinking you’re in a real place. This human-computer interaction is going to make big waves in how we experience the digital world and even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg has dubbed it the next great communications medium.

But why would Facebook, Google, Sony, Samsung and Microsoft make multi-billion dollar investments in this technology and what could it mean for brands? Firstly, it will fast replace film as the most immersive storytelling medium because even with the highest resolution and most expensive TV, you’re still just watching.

VR offers the opportunity to make more meaningful connections with your audience and has already been used by many of the world’s leading brands like Nike, Volvo and Redbull to create impactful campaigns. VR solves numerous problems brands currently face like; failing to engage, customers not remembering marketing campaigns as well as brands having little to no competitive advantage.