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CHATBOTS connection between the consumer and the brand?

Don’t design for brands. Design for people interacting with the brands. 

This is all about data-driven, and it’s always online and personalized to scale. Chatbots have taken over the days of good old-fashioned surveys and focus groups, as brands are finding it more effective and beneficial to monitor the instant pulse of the consumer sentiment in real time. Besides gaining data, it gives the brand an awareness of when their target market is active and reactive, thus indicating to them the best time to push updates, content, marketing and support. This amazing platform also gives the brand insights as to what the typical power user experience looks like, and therefore makes it easy for them to recreate that experience for others. Bot-centric metrics can give the brand an indication of its necessity, and assess the chatbot’s usefulness in attaining the brands goals. Chatbots provide data every minute of every day – and it’s “in real time”.  A no-brainer really for all consumer driven brands.