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Google has started deleting Google+ accounts

Its official; Google has started shutting down and deleting all consumer accounts on Google+ it’s failed social network platform. Over the past few months Google+ users have been receiving emails telling them to move or save their data as the platforms is closing down.

Google+ just never took off in a world of Social Media powerhouses and it had its own set of problems as the company disclosed that there were two significant data leaks that exposed user information. In October last year a Google employee mentioned that only 10% of Google+ users spend more than five seconds on the platform.

Here are the most used social networks (excluding Google+)

  1. Facebook           
  2. YouTube             
  3. Instagram           
  4. Qzone  
  5. Weibo  
  6. Twitter 
  7. Reddit  
  8. Pinterest             
  10. Tumblr 
  11. Flickr     
  12. LinkedIn              
  13. VK         
  14. Odnoklassniki    
  15. Meetup

RIP Google+ and we’ll see you in the next life.