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Google’s – All about ME

Since Google’s inception 20 years ago, the search engine has evolved from being just a normal search engine into more of a personal assistant. People expect Google to know their exact needs at the right time, turning Google into their very own mobile personal assistant. Googles searches on mobile devices containing phrases like “for me” have increased by over 60% and searches containing “near me” have also seen a 3X increase over the past 2 years.

Google has been able to tend to the needs of these searches by serving the searcher with ads and search results that are relevant to them. By using your location Google can show you shops, restaurants etc. that are near you or they can provide you with relevant information on what would suit the searcher best based on the searchers Google profile.

Using cookies and data provided from Google Analytics, marketers have also tailored their ads to give the customer the best experience and serve them an ad that’s relevant to them and their search, making it much easier for the searcher to decide and find the right information.

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