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It’s vacation time!

It’s time to take a vacation! No, not your annual vacation where family gatherings and festivities are the order of the day, but a vacation from social media. Everyone needs a ‘social media’ rest every now and then. Life seems to pass us by when we have our eyes stuck to a screen. While the ‘benefits’ of connecting and communicating online are instantaneous, it can also create an ‘always-on’ state of vigilance which can be a battle to switch off.

Putting social media on pause will help you regain almost 2 hours daily, during which you can devote your time & energy to improving your life and to discovering new interests and hobbies outside of the social media sphere.

If you have difficulties unplugging from social media completely, consider visiting one of the many websites that offer educational benefits instead. Taking a free course on a topic of interest is definitely a better way to spend your time, and it can enrich your personal and professional life as well.