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Knock, Knock! Who’s there? Your groceries.

Self-driving cars, IoT, and AI is moving us into the next “Smart” Revolution.

This era will see more ‘things’ connected to the Internet, than people connected to the web. Imagine hopping into your self-driving car and directing it to the ‘Best Italian restaurant within 10km’, or having your smart refrigerator tell your nearest Woolies that you’re low on milk.

Although the future is unknown to us, what is known is that our devices will continue to get smarter, thanks to AI and machine learning, and we need to ensure that we evolve with them.

How we advertise, engage, and work with clients needs to evolve but fortunately the optimisation metrics applied today are the same for all forms of digital marketing, whether you are creating social content or sending out bulk emailers. If you continue to focus and optimize across all these channels, you will be in a position that not only sees an increase in revenue, but that secures your company a spot in the “Smart” Revolution.