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Marketing In an Age of Hostility

A Marketers quest is to find and target the right kind of audience, at the right time with products or services that a consumer may be interested in. The problem that Marketers are now faced with is that people don’t want to be advertised to anymore. Of course adverts can be quite a nuisance when they keep popping up during your leisure TV or Internet time and even more annoying when you see the same ad more than 5 times a day. This frustration was met with a surge in Ad Blocking tools, skipping ads on YouTube or offering ad free platforms in exchange for a monthly subscription fee as some Publications and TV Streaming sites have opted for.

Does this mean that this is the end of Advertising? Of course not! It just means that marketers and advertisers need to be smarter and find better strategies that will ensure that their ads are more relevant, timely and effective! There are people who love to hear about new products and services but don’t like to be bombarded with ads.

This means, showing ads to people who have shown an interest in a product or service that is similar to yours. Ensuring that your ads have a limit on the amount of times it is shown to a person and lastly, making sure your ad is eye catching and meaningful enough to draw in a person’s interest.