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Building South Africa’s most powerful MTB race brand

If you know that MTB stands for Mountain Bike then you would have probably ridden or heard of the Hollard JUMA.  Jozi’s most awesome MTB adventure – a mix of Urban, trail, tunnels and floating bridges.  So how did a race start from nothing and become so powerful?

An idea from Mark Castel from BAM started the process and it was amplified by the IMS creative team who came up with the positioning, look-and-feel and creative executions.   The two core media drivers to create awareness and drive over 5,500 entries in the first year were social and outdoor.

So how did the Hollard JUMA get it so right?  Simple; outdoor was used to amplify social media where people could have conversation about the race, ask questions and get hyped up.  The outcome was a sold-out MTB race.  There are always other influencers that drive sales so it wasn’t these two channels alone but they were the core media drivers.

Have you considered these media drivers to drive your sales?