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How to reduce curiosity clicks on your Facebook ads

Start by putting your price in the ad.  Most people who cannot afford it won’t click on it.  A researcher George Loewenstein from Carnegie Mellon, Stanford and MIT discovered that: “The sections of the brain associated with pain processing are activated when prices are too high.”  Hyper target your audience – be as specific from a demographic and behavioural perspective as you can, and use both the inclusion and exclusion tools in Facebook.   Remember that when you select an audience you can also exclude people; for example you can target men but then exclude those who are married.

Mention limitations as well in the ad copy.  If you don’t ship outside of Johannesburg put it in your ad copy.

Facebook ads do work, but if you feel that your ads aren’t working or delivering on your required ROI, increase their relevancy, make them jump out and grab your audience’s attention and give the right people a reason to click.