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Twitter has Reduced the Number of Accounts you Can Follow

Once of the ways you can grow your Twitter follower base is by following a bunch of people and then waiting a week to see who follows you back. Then you simply unfollow all those people and keep your new followers. Wow that’s easy – That sounds like a job for a bot. If you do this every week for a few months you can end up with thousands of new followers. The calibre of followers may be completely rubbish, but when last did someone ask how many engagements do you get on average per Tweet? You usually ask how many Twitter followers you have.

You used to be able to follow up to 1,000 Twitter accounts per day, but now you can only follow 400 per day. I’m not sure that I even know 400 people to follow, unless I add the thousands of people that believe they’re Batman.

Remember is quality not quantity.