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Shopify SEO

You have an amazing product. Now you need the world to see it, and customers to buy it. Our Shopify SEO will get your Shopify website seen. SEO for Shopify is how you will get customers to your store. There are at least 63 000 Google searches done every single second. Effective Search Engine Optimization makes your website more visible to Google and its 1.5 billion users. Our SEO team will tailor a unique strategy to suit your brand, your products, and your objectives.

Our approach varies, based on your site content and products, as well as the level of competitiveness of your search terms.  Every Shopify SEO approach is unique regardless of the package selected, and the table above is an indication of the elements that will be addressed.  Our custom packages are perfect for Shopify sites that require bespoke approaches, or are large, and require greater time investment on specific elements and products.


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