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Video Production

IMS can create your video content for you; from short punchy social media videos with a strong call to action, to educational and informative ads that explain your product in detail.

IMS create:

  • Videos for YouTube, including openings and closings (tops and tails).
  • Animated video ads.
  • Live action filmed video ads.
  • Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn video ads.

Here are a few examples of our work:

TREK Spring Sale

What search engine do you use?

Be Smart like Thabo

Crickets Back GRAY-NICOLLS

YouTube Channel Intro

Microsoft Power BI

To simplify the pre-production, production and post-production process in everyday terms:

  • We create the concept.  When its approved,
  • We write the script and create the screenplay.  When they are approved,
  • We source or shoot the footage and background music.  Once we have this,
  • We add the animation and sound.  Its then sent for approval and,

We make the final changes.  Then were done.


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