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Benefits of Schema Markup

There was a reason that a consortium of top search engines (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex) created schema. They believe it will help the search experience, so they want your site to use it.

Help search engines understand your site’s content better

the main goal of SEO is conveying to search engines what your site is about (in legit ways). This is exactly what schema markup was created for. So the number one reason to use schema is to provide a clearer sense of what your content is about to help search engines surface your content to relevant searchers.

Knowledge Graph

You can provide a strong boost to your brand presence online with Schema. The Knowledge Graph is the big box on the right-hand side of Google desktop searches (or front and centre in mobile searches). It has most of the pertinent business information that customers need to know like phone number, social accounts, reviews, etc. Google will display knowledge graphs only if they are highly confident the information contained within is accurate and useful. Make it easier for them to trust your company’s information by marking this info up as structured data on your site. This way you can explicitly provide Google your preferred logo, hours of operation, website link, and more.

Attention-grabbing results

Maybe the #1 benefit people seek from Schema is rich results. Google is no longer 10 plain blue links on a page. Rating stars for a movie, product pricing, recipe cook time and more are all now possible to show right in search listings. To get these special listings, add whatever relevant schema you can to your page. Relevant being the operative word (you don’t want to have spammy schema just because you can). There are lots of possible schema types to add (currently Google shows 30 types of rich results powered by schema). Rich results powered by schema make your organic search listings stand out which, in turn, has been shown to increase CTR.