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Click Fraud Prevention

Say hello to more buying customers.

Click fraud in PPC advertising can lead to massive amounts of wasted spend. To see the return on your investment it is necessary to prevent fake clicks.

Click fraud happens when people (or bots) start clicking on your ad with no intention of making a purchase or engaging with your site. If people are fraudulently clicking on your ads, it means you’re paying for clicks that aren’t real thus driving up your daily ad spend.

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Avoid the cost of click fraud

We can add click fraud protection software to your campaigns on Google and Facebook and integrate them directly in the Ad Manager and Business Manager so they update in real-time and prevent fraudulent clicks.

Stop Competitors from clicking on your ads

By seeing and clicking on your ads, competitor click fraud depletes your marketing budget and can lead to unsuccessful campaigns.

Stop your company and brand haters wasting your budgets

You know you’re successful when people are out to get you and your brand. One of the easiest ways “haters” cost you money is by clicking on your ads. Let’s stop that now.

Stop bots from clicking away on your ads

A large chunk of the Internet traffic is automated. Data from our click fraud provider shows that up to 30% of all clicks on PPC ads are from bots.

Sometimes clicks are just accidental

Sometimes there is no malicious intent behind a click.  A large portion of mobile ad clicks is because our fingers are too fast, and those ads are so close to other buttons on your phone.

Stop those click farms

These industrial-scale operations are sophisticated and are designed to generate clicks that mimic human behaviour.

Based on all our South African campaigns we have found an average click-fraud rate of 15-35%. We can help you bring this money back into your actual budget.

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