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Achieve strategic focus and accelerate growth with tailored strategy services

If it’s your overarching marketing strategy, your brand strategy, advertising, or media strategy – we can help. We start with the business deliverables and take into account all the elements that can influence a strategy such as consumer choice, consumer preference, your competitors, and of course your brand and its values.

Persona Development

Understand the goals, motivations, and decision processes of your ideal customer through persona development that paves the way for your content, messaging, and product development.

Brand Identity

Achieve business goals and position your brand ahead of your competition through the creation of a unique brand identity that makes you instantly recognisable to your customers.

Media Strategy

Get your message in front of the right people at the right time with targeted, relevant, and action-inducing ads.  Your Media Strategy is a plan that shows which channels, approach, and direction your ads will take; this includes reporting and feedback on the campaigns to ensure your objectives are reached or if not, how your campaigns can be optimised to perform better.

Marketing, Brand, and Advertising Strategy

Marketing Strategy is the process and thinking behind preparing your product or service for the marketplace; your advertising strategy is your business’ message and your approach to convince your customers to use you. Finally, brand strategy is the plan used to create a specific image of your brand or company and to shape what people think about you. The IMS team can assist you with specific or overarching strategies based on your needs.

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Gain actionable insights to make data-driven business decisions

We conduct research to generate insights, get opinions and collect hard data. Quantitative or qualitative we can dive into to the core drivers and emotions that influence decisions and actions. Using data analytics we can create insights, motivators, and demand models, because sometimes you can actually sell more ice cream in winter.

Get tangible business insights

Quantitative research is all about numbers and statistics. Through an array of research methodologies, you can gain tangible insights into your business, products, and industry.

Gather in-depth market information

Qualitative research is about exploring the experiences, beliefs, thoughts, and drivers of behaviour that people exhibit. Gather in-depth information about what people think about your product, service, and industry.

Identify optimal target market segments

Market segmentation will help your brand identify the optimal target-market segments from a variety of perspectives. Think lifestyle, attitudes, shopping behaviour, media usage, and more.

Understand search trends and interests

Narrow in on search trends and seasonal peaks for your products and services based on data that will help you identify the most opportune time to position your brand online to capture your market.

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  • Market research is the process of gathering specific information about your target market, customers, and competitors to further understand brand perception and verify the success of a new product or service.

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