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Let’s get visual!

Social media marketing may seem like a straightforward process but, indeed, it is anything but. While only 80% of your audience will read your title…only 20% will read your content. At this point, you may be wondering, “How can I grab my customers’ attention to drive engagement?”

There are multiple components that make up a successful social media marketing campaign, such as VISUALS!!! Think about it, how many times have you scrolled past a post that was heavily worded with little to no visuals?

Bringing life to your social media content by adding colourful and visually striking visuals is one effective way to gain more traction on posts.

DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF! Don’t think of visuals as just images, infographics, or illustrations. Visuals are more than that and are inclusive of video content, which has become a growing form of visual communication to use in social media marketing. The marketing game is changing, and video is emerging as a clear winner. So don’t you think it’s time to effectively make video part of your social media marketing strategy?

To this, we say DEFINITELY! It’s 2018 and it’s about time you get with the programme! Video content is trending in a big way and videos are more engaging and lean toward that personal feel consumers crave.

Visually engaging, or interactive content, is useful and fun for readers. It offers value in the form of information, but it’s not an infographic or a straight-forward educational post. These types of posts are infinitely shareable because they catch the eye but offer an interactive quality that is the epitome of social media in terms of shareable content.

Another clear indicator of just how popular video marketing has become is the inevitable launch of in-SERP video ads. Google now has video content incorporation into rich search results. Now, this should convince you as to why you need to incorporate videos into your social media marketing strategy!

From Facebook to Instagram, social media marketing strategies that have videos at the core will prove to be far more successful in 2018 and beyond. Now go ahead and tap into those creative juices and start generating visual appeal to get noticed and shared.