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Let’s review this real quick…

Over the last decade, user feedback has developed into an indispensable tool, not only for consumers but also for businesses. Consumers rely on ‘word of mouth’ and are more inclined to buy a product if one of their friends has bought and used that same product.

When it comes to online marketing, customers want to listen to other customers before making their own decisions. In such instances, the desired customer review can get your business a lot of traffic and a string of new customers. Online customer reviews are found in a number of different places, including but not limited to; Google My Business, niche sites such as TripAdvisor for travellers and social media sites like Facebook & Twitter.

Here are 4 reasons why customer reviews and recommendations are important nowadays:

1) Positive review = $$$ (profitability).

If a positive review hits the right chord with a prospect, he/she can easily be converted into a customer.  A number of people buy products based purely on a good rating and positive comments.

2) Decision making

Nowadays, it is mandatory to make decisions by first checking things online. You might go onto the company’s website to read the reviews on the products or services, or even look through their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to read the customer testimonials and reviews.

3) The absence of personal salesmen

In most retail stores and showrooms, a personal salesman helps you make the decision on which products to buy. However, when you are comparing the best accommodation to rent through Airbnb for instance, do you know who your personal salesman is?

It is the previous tenants who have already stayed in the space you are looking to rent. The reviews and recommendations of these people will help you decide whether you’d like to go ahead and book that accommodation or not.

4) Why are negative reviews important?

When a customer happens to have a negative experience and they leave a review either on the company’s website or social media platforms, companies need to respond quickly. Responding to negative reviews quickly and professionally shows potential customers that you value their feedback and want to do all that you can to maintain a high standard of service.