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Leveraging the power of video marketing.

Research has shown that only 38% of marketers regularly use Instagram Stories, with only 34% regularly using Facebook Live and only 57% regularly using YouTube – Social Media Examiner.

What does this mean for your brand? That the companies who choose to invest more in video across these channels will have a competitive advantage over other brands.

As one of the most effective digital strategies, video marketing uses multiple touchpoints to communicate with the consumer. Whether it be via social media, email newsletters or your favourite YouTube channel, brands are leveraging these platforms to convey specific messages & calls-to-action.

It’s not just a matter of uploading a video. The content you share needs to be topical, relevant and meaningful in order to influence a consumer’s purchase decision. A successful video marketing campaign requires consideration of the type of content, whether to focus on education, entertainment or promotion. For example, in some cases consumers are more likely to come to a purchasing decision after watching a video that gives demos or helpful tips.

Other key considerations include: the length, style (animated or filmed), backtrack (music or captions) and the call to action. 

By 2021, it’s predicted that over 80% of all internet traffic will come from videos. So, don’t get left behind, stay ahead of the curve and get started on your video marketing strategy today.