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4 Tips to Create Entertaining and compelling Videos

Studies have shown that video content draws more attention than written, and it’s little wonder why. If you look at the video content out there today, much of it is very entertaining and compelling. Although getting someone’s attention is different from holding their attention.  That’s the logic behind a big shift that’s underway with YouTube’s ranking system.

While it’s no easy task to create the type of videos that attract attention from your target audience and win you increased brand awareness.  Videos that keep viewers watching longer will be given a higher ranking over those that capture clicks.  Think about a video that really captivated you before.  What was it about the video that made you not want to look away?  Did it use compelling visuals or a storyline that sucked you in?  Or perhaps it left you with some food for thought.

There are many techniques used to make a video engaging.  Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet, but there are many tips and tricks you can learn to draw people in and keep them watching your videos:

1. Remember to tell a story:

Storytelling is a well-known concept for keeping content compelling. This has been used throughout history to draw in audiences and spread messages, and this is how our brains like to digest information.  Make sure your video tells a good story with a focused message.

2. Maintain Relevance:

Ultimately there are loads of stylistic choices you can make use of with video, and whether you’re using B-roll, screencast footage, or recording yourself, your visuals need to be relevant and interesting to keep your viewers engaged. Every style will fall flat if it’s not relevant to your audience.

3. Emotion and Energy:

Bringing energy to your videos can drastically impact how engaging they are. Try and keep it real and connect to the emotion. Showing that you’re excited to talk about a topic by emphasising your voice and body language communicates to your audience that this video is something to get excited about. Excitement is just one of many emotions you can tap into.  Advertisements, commonly pull at our heartstrings or try and create an emotional response because it makes the content more engaging and memorable. Just remember that there is a time and place for evoking certain emotions in your videos.

4. Prioritise Mobile:

YouTube reported that more than half of its users watch video via a mobile device.

Whether they’re commuting, waiting, or walking, there are a million moments during the day when consumers can, and are watching videos on their phones. So, ensure your videos are mobile-orientated and keep them short, to the point and impactful from the very first second.