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8 Tips to Searching on Google Effectively

If you use it correctly, Google can be a powerful tool. The truth is that most people don’t know how to search.

Here are 8 tip to take your Googling to the next level:

Quotation Marks “”

Put quotation marks around search terms to let you search for that exact word or phrase. All your results will have that exact word or phrase in it.


“Dolphin mats”

This will show you results that include Dolphin Mats. Not results that just mention dolphins or mats

Dashes –

If you want to exclude a term from your search, include a dash before that word/phrase



You just want orange, the colour, not the wonderful fruit.

Tilde ~

Use a tilde when you need synonyms to appear in the search result.


Pie Eating ~Contest

Here you will get results that include, Contest, Competition, Game, Tournament, etc.


Use this to search within a specific website



This will show you the pages that mention turtles on

Pipe |

This is great for comparisons. Use it in place of “or”


Google Ads | SEO

This will show you results with Google Ads OR SEO

Double Full Stop ..

Use to full stops to search between number/date ranges


Top Movies 2010..2020

This will show you top movies between 2010 and 2020.


Find news related to a specific location


Fuel Price location:Johannesburg


Filter results based on the file you want to find


Toilet Paper Datasheet filetype:pdf

This will give you search results that are only PDFs for Datasheets for toilet paper.