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Positioning Your Brand in a Noisy Market

The market has become extremely cluttered so getting your target audience’s attention can be challenging. Customers are constantly being flooded with various brand messages across various platforms such as TV, print, radio, and social media. They are overstimulated and overwhelmed. This poses the question – how can brands get their message across among all the noise?

Breaking through the clutter is possible with a compelling brand positioning statement. Effectively positioning your brand and communicating your unique selling points can get you noticed.

Understand your brand’s purpose

You need to have thorough knowledge of your brand purpose and who requires your products and services. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and learn what motivates their buying decisions.

Create a compelling customer problem statement

This will assist you in understanding what your purpose as a business is, what your customer needs are and what problem you need to solve. This statement must be written from the customer’s perspective to identify their problem and how you will provide a solution. This statement can highlight what the client wants, why they are unable to get it and how this issue makes them feel. The best marketing messages always evoke an emotion – this provides the audience assurance that the brand knows what they want.

Develop your brand positioning statement

A brand positioning statement contains what your business does and what differentiates you from your competitors. The promise component of a positioning statement, which typically represents a brand’s primary point of difference. This must be a customer end benefit. Main components of a brand positioning statement include:

  • Target customer
  • Statement of the problem and your solution
  • Brand promise
  • Reason to believe