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Millennials vs. Gen Z: Trending Digital Habits In Times Of A Pandemic

In the wake of the pandemic, digital habits of both the Millennial and Gen Z generations have changed. It is only natural that people would turn to their devices to find solace and community during such prolonged periods of isolation and lockdown. Social media usage has increased during this crisis, but it is also anticipated that this trend will diminish post-pandemic despite the overwhelmingly positive trend.

Let’s take a closer look into the noticeable changes in digital consumption across both demographic groups, as well as the implications that these trends may have for e-commerce businesses and marketers. 

An increase in social media usage

It is not surprising that people have spent more time on social media since the pandemic began.

1.      An increase in video calling

Increasingly, people are turning to their devices for more face-to-face communication with loved ones and friends.

2.      More people trying a digital detox

Millennials and Generation Z are experiencing “Zoom fatigue” and limiting the amount of screen time they spend on their devices despite the fact that they are using them as more of a human connection tool.

3.      More e-commerce

It is important to emphasize the change in how both generational cohorts are shopping. The pandemic put a damper on an already tumultuous year for in-store retail, and trends are showing that retail as an industry will continue changing beyond COVID-19. Both Gen Z and Millennials make up the majority of Instagram users, a platform that has been a big success in e-commerce.

While Millennials and Gen Z may try to limit their time on mobile devices, the digital world isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Changing digital habits are a combination of Zoom fatigue, pandemic fatigue, and a desire to connect with other people. These behaviours are likely to change again post-pandemic.