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5 Things that you need to be successful on Instagram

Instagram continues to be one of the largest and fastest-growing social media platforms, with boundless opportunity to build a brand, develop relationships with consumers, gain exposure and make sales.

It then becomes imperative to understand the platform in order to navigate and get most out of the platform. The truth is, it takes time and hard work to be successful on Instagram, and without these five essentials, your campaign will not reach its optimal peak:

1. Niche focus.
Choosing a niche is the first important thing. Who are you trying to target? What are you going to provide them? What are your goals and objectives?

2. Personality (brand personality).
Don’t just post photos randomly. If you want to be successful on Instagram, your users need to see you as one of their peers, and that means showcasing a human element. They need to see the personality of your brand.

3. Consistency.
Instagram success depends on your follower retention, and the only way you’re going to keep your followers around is by giving them what they want—consistently.

4. Engagement.
People are on Instagram to engage with one another, and engagement is a two-way street. If you want to be respected, appreciated, or popularized, you must engage with your followers on an individual level. Share, Like and comment!

5. Utility.
Your posts need to be useful and relevant for your target audience. These can include: insights into your business, tips or ideas on how to use your products, entertaining or amusing things, or just beautiful things that make your follower stay tuned to your page.

As mentioned becoming successful on Instagram take a lot of hard work and planning, content is king! Give your followers a reason to follow, listen, inform, engage, interact and influence.