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Up Close and Personal

What do brands need to know about their customers?

With the influx of advertising content on all social media platforms, personalized messages manage to captivate a user’s attention. Customers appreciate a brand that takes the time to get to know them and this is ultimately how brand loyalty is established.

Here are some things to keep in mind regarding sustainable customer relationships:

  1. An increase in interactions is beneficial – whether it be a simple Facebook reply or a Twitter retweet, customers value a brand that is responsive.
  2. Brand loyalty is created through shared values – similar opinions on the same issues is a major driver. If the brand cares about what the customer cares about then the customer cares about the brand. Read that again.
  3. Customers enjoy control over marketing – they want to be able to decide how and when they share information.
  4. Customers can differentiate between personalized content and ads – personalizing the ad while matching it to the site on which it appears can be helpful.
  5. Authenticity of the brand is quickly determined by customers – brands need to show that they have good intentions.
  6. Accountability is appreciated – respond to complaints and consider them when reworking your product or service.