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Advertising on Facebook with Facebook’s Business Manager

Facebook is a great platform for advertisers to reach millions of users and build up their brand awareness, or drive traffic to advertiser desired destinations, or generate quality leads. Whatever your marketing objective Facebook’s Business Manager has a solution to help you reach your advertising goals.

Let’s look at some of the campaign set up options available to advertisers when creating a campaign in Facebook’s Business Manager. 

Campaign Objectives.

Campaign objective should much up directly with your marketing objective or lead users to interact with your business in a way that will assist you in reaching your marketing objective.

There are three main categories of campaign objectives:

  1. Awareness: this object will allow you to reach new customers that may have not seen your business before, or help you build awareness around your brand or business.


  1. Consideration: this campaign objective has the most optimisation options for you to choose based on what interaction you want users to make with your business. This campaign object reinforces consideration for your brand or business; making people want to choose your business over others.


  1. Conversion: this campaign focuses on users taking specific actions that are directly linked to your marketing objective, like filling in lead forms, making purchases or visiting your physical store.

We will go into more detail about each campaign type and each of their optimisation options in another article. For now, let us look at the creative formats available to advertisers on Facebook’s Business Manager.

Creative Options

We will be looking at the creative/ad formats available across all campaign types. There are four main ad formats:

Single Image Ad:

Image ads are a great way to showcase your products, services, or brand. Choose images that are captivating and represent your product or brand well. Image ads have various placement options all over Facebook and Instagram. Anywhere from in the Facebook and Instagram feeds to Facebook and Instagram stories.

Image Ads are also accompanied by an image headline (usually shown just below your image) and some primary text (the body of text above your image, below your page/business name).

Images are great for getting people to engage with your business in ways that are desirable for your business, like visiting your website or page.

Single Video Ad:

You can create unique videos to showcase a new product, or a brand-new feature available on your app or site or tell a story about your brand or business. While you can let your imagination run wild when creating your videos, we don’t recommend making videos that are longer than 60 seconds. Video Ads have the same ad placements as Image ads; however, video ads usually perform better in the Facebook and Instagram feeds or stories where users are more likely to engage with the video.

Videos usually perform better than Image ads in terms of brand awareness as they are more rememberable and can provide a lot more information to users than a single image ad.

Carousel Ads:

Carousel ads offer the best of both single image ads and videos ads, as you can use a combination of videos and images in your carousel ads. The only downside is that a user will have to manually scroll through your carousel ads to view all the content you have provided in the ads. Carousel ads are great for showcasing the range of services that you offer or the variety of products you are advertising. Carousels are unfortunately limited to certain campaign objectives whereas single image and video ads are available for most campaign objectives.

Collection Ads:

Collecting ads are great for advertising your collection of available products. You can use collection ads to make it easier for users to discover, browse and even purchase your products and services from their devices. Collection ads include a cover image or video followed by three or more images of your products or services. When a user clicks on a collection ad, they are taken to a Facebook landing page with all your available products or services. This page is designed to drive user engagement as well as reinforce user intent and interest in your products, services, or brand. 

For Single Image, Single Video and Carousel ads, you can manually select which placements are best for you; for example, you can choose to exclude all Instagram ad placements or only show your ads in the Instagram available placements (if you have a business Instagram page that is linked to your Facebook business page). You can also manually edit your creatives for each placement to create a different experience depending on where the user is seeing your ad.

Why Choose Facebook?

Despite having one of the largest audiences in the world; Facebook offers great targeting options; allowing you to micro-target the exact audiences you want to reach. Facebook allows you to target by user demographic information, user-specific interest, and user behaviours. You can also create remarketing lists or lookalike audiences to further enhance your campaigns.

Facebook is a great way to reach new customers who may be interested in your products or services, or for you to grow your business if you are just starting out. Facebook ads can help your business get more visibility and increase traffic to your website.