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How to lower your cost-per-engagement on Facebook and Instagram

Running Facebook / Instagram ads and struggling to lower your CPC? We all know it can be challenging, and when your cost per engagement is averaging R5.00 per click (yes, that’s too high), it depletes your ad spend even quicker. But with just a few tweaks, you can lower your CPC and increase your relevancy & engagement levels.

There are three main elements that Facebook focuses on, when determining the relevancy of your post;

#1: Who posted it (Business / Group / Individual)

#2: Type of content (image or video)

#3: Interaction or engagement levels (likes, comments and shares)

We all know Facebook loves video content, when even a business page can get a cost per view as low as 10 cents! However, it isn’t always easy to produce a decent video that people will watch. Nevertheless, with a simple trick, you will be able to simulate a video without actually having to create one.

 Creating a Gif!

A gif – not the one where a 3 second clip is cut from a series/content – but the plain old compilation of static slides.  A gif can easily be made with 3 alternating slides that will interest the viewer. In each slide you can move your product around and couple it with different text styles & fonts or you can use a static image and change the text like Nando’s have done below.

Of course there is a lot of pre planning and designing needed to execute a slide like Nando’s but the production costs are minimal but it takes less time to create and you can decrease your cost per engagement from R5.00 for a static image to R0,50 for a gif!

Plus you can export your PowerPoint slides with animations as a video! Yes it may not be the best quality BUT it does the job!

If you need help with getting effective ad results, leave your details in the messenger box below!