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Are your Facebook Posts winking at girls in the Dark?

A Facebook post is worthless if no-one sees it. That’s common sense and applies to everything; you don’t hear about my product means you won’t know about my product and so you won’t buy it. One of the advantages of social media is that you can leverage other people’s conversations and comments about your product to get your information out in the social realm. It may sound easy but most Facebook posts need a bit of a boost to get out there, and by a boost I mean paid media – some targeted placements in the relevant people’s timelines.

So here are a few tips to drive engagement on your brands timeline:

  1. Ask a question – This way you are inviting a response. When a person engages with your post Facebook is more likely to show your post to more people, and of course the friends of the persons engaging with may see your post.
  2. Share appropriate and relevant images – Ask yourself, when last did you see a post without an image that pulled you in? Images have the ability to allow you to connect on a personal and emotive level.
  3. Use a call to action – If you want your audience to do something, you need to tell them to do that something. It can be a comment, share their opinion, attend an event or any other action.
  4. Respond to everything and everyone – Imagine having a conversation with a person and suddenly they stop talking to you. If you keep talking and they stay quiet, you’ll probably move onto the next person.
  5. Use audience targeting – In the same way you can target a promoted post on Facebook you can target your organic posts. You reach will reduce but your focus will be better and this allows you to be more specific with your content.

Try and go for the emotive connection and add real value, and remember, keep you posts punchy and short and if possible below 25 words.