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Should you use LinkedIn Ads?

Let’s start with some global stats; around 48% of LinkedIn users are in a decision-making role and over 75% of LinkedIn members work at companies with more than 1,000 employees.

Let’s look at one of the problems we have here in SA – South Africans like to have multiple titles especially if they are self-employed – If you’re a start-up and it’s just you nothing says potential more than calling yourself the CEO or Managing Director.  So, by day you serve tables and by night you’re the CEO of the next Facebook.  This poses a problem if you’re an advertiser and you are targeting the C-suite.  The easiest work around is to include years’ experience, the size of the company and if you want, the level of education a person has.

So, the answer is if you’re a B2B business – YES.  If you’re a B2C selling high value items, then the answer is YES as well.  If you’re in the B2C space selling low value products or services it’s a maybe depending on the targeting, approach and of course your cost-per-acquisition.