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Get Started With Google Ads App Campaigns

You have developed your idea into a fully functioning application and now you are ready to get it into the hands of paying users but, how do you reach those people? Google Ads app campaigns lay out the process for you, to make it easier for you to promote your app across Google’s properties. All you need is a few lines of text, images, videos, a bid, target location, and Google’s machine learning will do the rest.

How does it work?

You may be used to designing individual ads for your other ad campaigns but not for app campaigns! Instead, Google Ads will use the creative assets you’ve provided along with assets from your app’s store listing to create a variety of ads to show in several formats and networks. This allows Google to create the best ads for almost all placements across the different Google Properties like:

  • Google Search Network and search partners
  • Google Display network
  • YouTube
  • Google Play
  • Discover on Google Search

The more creative assets you provide in your app campaign the more combinations Google can test to find the best performing ads, with no extra work from you!

What are the types of app campaigns?

When creating a new campaign in Google Ads select “App promotion” as your goal, you can then choose from three campaign substyles each with its own subtype focuses and bid strategies.

App installs

As the name suggests, this campaign focuses on reaching and encouraging people to install your app. This campaign subtype uses automated bidding and targeting. Optimise app install campaigns by specifying the in-app actions you care about as in-app conversions, to focus on finding more valuable users.

This campaign subtype is great for growing your user base and building awareness around your new app. App install ads also allow mobile users to install your app directly from your ads since your ads link directly to your Google Play or Apple App store listings.

App Engagements

Need the users who have already installed or are currently using your app to take specific actions that are valuable to you? App engagement ads engage your users and take them to a targeted landing to complete specific actions within your app.

App pre-registration

Build excitement and awareness for your apps before they are released on the app store! Make your app available for pre-registration in your Play Console so you can create an app campaign for the app before release. When someone clicks on an app pre-registration ad they can then pre-register for your app from the Play store. This feature is only available for Andriod.

Some Tips

Before you create your app campaign it is important to remember the following:

  • Try to include as many creative assets as possible. It is recommended you have 20 different images, 20 videos and 20 HTML5 assets.
  • Try to include images and videos in both landscape and portrait dimensions.
  • Link your Google Ads to your Google Play and Firebase accounts to help track in-app actions and create remarketing lists.
  • Ensure you have enough budget to generate as much traffic as possible and to allow the campaign to optimize.
  • Avoid making changes to the campaign once it has been published to avoid delaying Google’s optimization of the ads and campaign.
  • Don’t run multiple app campaigns targeting the same language and region for the same app to avoid competing with your own ads.

Now you are equipped with the knowledge you will need to start your own Google Ads App campaign journey!