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The Evolution of Lingo!

For decades, the youngest generations have always been the ones to establish language shifts. They may do it as a way to create a generational identity or to communicate without their parents understanding.

Words have morphed, merged and muddled together to create new languages and evolved lingo from Shakespeare to slang. Some words have kept their original spelling, but have adopted a totally new meaning.

Here are some words that you’ve probably seen some youngsters use from time to time:

  • adulting /verb/ To do grown up things
    e.g. “I adulted quite well today, I put the rubbish out and recycled #adulting”
  • slay /verb/ To do something really well, “kill it”
    e.g. “Just got a promotion because I slay every single day”
  • basic /adjective/ Describes an individual or an individual’s behaviour when he/she/it lacks originality, goes along with mainstream trends
    e.g. “I’m wearing boots, leggings, and drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte #basic”
  • bae /noun/ Baby, sweetie, honey; significant other
    e.g. “Going grocery shopping with bae”
  • on fleek /adjective/ On point, perfect
    e.g. “Girl your eyebrows are on fleek”
  • turnt /adjective/ Ready to party, hyped up, crazy
    e.g. “Where’s the party at? Trying to get #turnt”
  • stan /noun/ A crazed and or obsessed fan, groupie
    e.g. “Have you heard Rihanna’s new song? I stan!”
  • salty /adjective/ The act of being upset, angry, or bitter as result of being made fun of or embarrassed.
    e.g. “Boy you salty as hell you didn’t get to play today”