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3 trends in Web design 2021

Web Design trends are ever-changing and evolving. Keeping up with the changes in trends is a crucial part of designing beautiful and effective websites. Here are a few web design trends that have been popular throughout 2021:

Memphis Design

Originating in the 1980s, Memphis design was the trend that rejected minimalism. This design approach utilises pairing a multitude of chaotic patterns and shapes together. Memphis was revolutionary in that it made design a lot more colourful and welcoming. With the minimalistic approach having led to a sea of interfaces that are extremely uniform in recent years designers have turned to the Memphis approach to spruce up their designs and break the monotony that is minimalism.  

3 trends in Web design 2021

Typographic Hero Image

The hero image is generally the first part of the website that a visitor will see, therefore it has to make a statement. Web designers have taken this idea in a more literal sense throughout 2021 with typography led hero images.

These hero sections essentially eliminate the need for “hero imagery” and allow the message itself to carry the weight of making the first impression. These hero sections command the user’s attention as if it was a captivating new headline. They implement a creative and tasteful use of letter styles to get this message across to the user.

Visible borders 

Web design aims to create the illusion that the content is floating in a freeform digital space when in reality websites are built on a grid held together with code. Designers have started to show a more raw format of web design indicating the grids by showing borders and placing content into frames.

This layout lets users easily distinguish the different sections from one another. This makes the page easier to read and find the information easier and also helps them look and feel less crowded.

This approach also gives a website the old school retro feel which has also been making a massive comeback in the world of design.

These changes in trends keep designers on their toes and their ideas fresh. There are many design trends that can help you level up your skills and create amazing works, dive deep into the research and have fun exploring all the trendy techniques being used by top designers in 2021 and set the trends for 2022.