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4 Design Trends to expect in 2022

In the world of graphics, design trends seem to come and go. Some trends stick around for a long time while others are just a fad. Through the pandemic, we have seen a shift in design trends bringing life back to old trends as well as the incorporation of new and experimental styles. Let’s look at a few trends to expect in 2022.

1. 90s Nostalgia:

Over the last few years, retro has been making a big comeback. The reintroduction of gothic serifs, neon colour and vaporwave landscapes has paved the way to bring back the 90s. This trend allows for users to reexperience the 90s through Memphis design patterns, rudimentary design frames and basic emoticons. So if you feel like your design needs a bit of that cool old school flair look no further than the 90s.

2. Expressive and Experimental Lettering:

As the world becomes more and more digital it becomes difficult to rely on words to convey messages across different cultures. Surprisingly designers have not let this become a setback but rather they have turned it into an opportunity to create something new. In 2022 it is expected to see lettering styles that push the boundaries of legibility, creating new forms that are expressive in of themselves. There is no limit to this trend as it is purely based on expression and experimentation. This style incorporates the use of miss-matched text, mind-boggling shapes and formless blobs.

This trend is risky as it is very artsy and sometimes your audience may not like the more expressive side of design but it can be very rewarding and is a trend to watch for the future.

3. Parametric Shapes:

Patterns will always be a key player in graphic design as they are useful for breaking up solid colours and they add visual interest to your designs. In 2022 we can expect to bring patterns that make a statement to the forefront of their designs.

Parametric patterns are made up of complex structures, where each line morphs depending on its relative positions within the design. Even though these patterns are rooted in geometry they are very fluid and three-dimensional, which gives them a dynamic feel. These patterns can be used to express the complexity of their subject. Expect this to be a big trend throughout the year, as designers are tending towards more expressive design work.

4. Maximalism

When you think of maximalism we immediately tend to associate with its counterpart, a trend that has been extremely popular over the last decade, minimalism. True to its name maximalism uses more objects and colours to fill space to get the message across rather than keeping a tidy ‘minimal’ feel. This trend fits perfectly into the new wave of expressive design, using these clashing objects, shapes and contrasting colours to create a juxtaposition between elements. This trend allows the artist to put their artistic palate on display through their designs. This style is fun and very attention-grabbing using chaos to create order.

There is a lot within the design world that 2022 has to offer and we will see designers implementing these trends a lot more throughout the year. This exciting new wave brings a lot of potential for some unique and out-of-the-box designs. So, dive deep into these new trends and have fun creating your own awesome designs.