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8 Benefits of Using GA4

Google Analytics 4 will soon be the core analytics option for tracking.  Here are 8 benefits of using GA4:

1.      Improved customer journey tracking and touchpoints

GA4 tracks users and their interactions which are captured as events.  User journeys can now be tracked more accurately including customer lifecycles.

2.      Improved user engagement analysis

It’s now easier to get user-centric reports and align them with a customer journey.

3.      More data-driven

Dive deeper into attribution and understand how activities influence conversions.

4.      Stronger audience segmentation and actionable data

GA4 allows you to combine user journeys between web and apps, allowing universal optimisation.

5.      More effective tracking and privacy options

Users have more control over what data is collected from them and GA4 uses a more flexible and predictive modelling approach.

6.      Better events, goal triggering and configuration

Get more detailed behaviour from your goals and custom events.

7.      An optimised UX and interface

There are new visualisations and a cleaner layout for functions.

8.      Flexible and scalable

With GA4 you can customise the structure of your properties to meet your business needs.

With Google Analytics 4 you get so much more data and flexibility than Google Universal Analytics.