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Beat the algorithm – How to achieve online success

Facebook’s change to their algorithm, late last year, left many brands with a reduction in organic traffic across all their social media platforms. However, with a clever approach, and a few strategic partners you’ll still be able to achieve great organic results.

To illustrate, you could run a competition, whereby complementary brands partner together, such as a hair salon, nail salon and massage parlor.  Each brand would contribute a prize of equal value and share the competition across all their social platforms. This will allow you to leverage off each other’s fan bases and showcase your offering to an audience that already has an affinity for your product.

Coordinate carefully and clearly outline each partner’s responsibilities towards the campaign.  Identify the competition mechanic, the value of the give-away & the campaign creative & messaging.   The more each party participates and engages, the better the outcome will be.

Success lies with the partners you choose to join up with, as you will be endorsing their service offering to your followers and vice versa, so choose carefully.