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Frankly my dear I don’t give a dam’ said 2016

Here are some things we can expect from 2017

  1. Facebook video Vs YouTube.  YouTube pays you for your content views if ads are sold and Facebook does not.  Where do you think we’ll see the best content?
  2. The content you produce must be awesome so that the platform’s algorithms share it and people see it.
  3. Video will dominate.  Video is essential and will become a necessity.   When last did you see a status update without a pic in your feed?  Video will kill the picture star.
  4. Facebook will rule them all. It is currently the most important social platform in SA ; period.
  5. Content marketing will become even stronger.  Better articles, punchier content and more relevant info will dominate.
  6. Social media adverting costs will rise significantly.  With the increase in advertisers  more brands are fighting for the same inventory.
  7. You will have to pay for followers and pay to reach them.  Social platforms are double dipping and we are going to have to pay.
  8. Social media ‘influencers’ will battle.  People are not as stupid as we think – they know what a paid endorsement is and trust personal relevant recommendations more.
  9. Twitter is battling. They will try and find relevance; watch their space.