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Google Ads’ New Vehicle Ads

Ever wanted to shop for cars online they same way you would a handbag or that cool new gadget you heard about? Google Ads new vehicle ads may just make that a possibility!

What are Vehicle Ads?

As more and more people are actively searching online for “cars for sale” in their area; Google decided to create a new ads placement in their search results page catered for this audience. Vehicle ads have the same look as Google’s standard Shopping ads. This new ad placement will allow sellers to display important information about the vehicle like:

  • Vehicle Image
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Usage Information (New or Used)
  • Milage
  • Listed price
  • Dealer location

Vehicle Ads Layout

Similar to the shopping ads we have all become familiar with; the Vehicle ads placememt displays an image of the vehicle you are selling along with the vehicle name and year.

For example, “2022 Ford F-150”.  Below the vehicle name will be the listed price as well as the usage status of the vehicle; new or used and the vehicles current millage.

Below the usage information will be the sellers information; usually the name of the dealership selling the vehicle and the dealership location.
Since this new placement is similar to Google Ads’ shopping placements they will always appear at the top of the search results page with other relevant vehicles appearing next to the previous vehicle ad result. 

Benefits of Vehicle Ads


Vehicles ads place your ads in front of online auto shoppers at the right moment, with the relevant listings and information to encourage consideration.

Quality Leads

This ad format shows customers key information about the vehicle before they click on the ad which helps generate more qualified leads and avoid curiosity clicks. Increasing the quality of the leads that click on your ads.

Easy to use

This format using similar targeting options as a standard shopping ads; allowing you to show your most relevant listings for the related user search.

Brand Awareness

Vehicle ads will also help maximise awareness around your listed vehicles since most buyers nowadays begin their auto purchase journey online instead of goinig directly to the dealership.

Important notes:

You will need to create a vehicle data feed with all the required vehicle information and upload it to Google’s Merchant Center. Vehicle ads are currently only available for Smart Shopping Campaigns and you will need to link your Google Ads account to a Merchant center account and a Google Business Profile. Vehicles ads from private sellers, individuals or brokers are not permitted. Vehicle ads are currently only available in the United States, while Australia and Canada advertisers will need to contact their Google repersentitives to participate in the beta testing for vehicle ads.

More about Vehicle Ads

With Vehicle ads, advertisers can display their entire available inventory to interested customers searching on Google. This new ad placement will allow advertisers to drive sales both online or in store. When a user clicks on your vehicle ad they will land on a Vehicle Description Page on your website, where they can complete actions like contacting the dealer, filling out a lead form or just find more information about the vehicle before making a decision.