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Is Figma Taking Over as the Industry Standard?

There are plenty of UX/UI design tools available for designers to choose from, but the one tool that seems to be rapidly taking over the design world is Figma.

This software is highly intuitive and so easy to use and understand, and for this reason has become a big favourite within the design community.

What is Figma?

Figma is a free cloud-based UX/UI design tool. It was first launched in 2016 and has seen rapid growth since then. Figma’s developers are constantly updating its features to make it easier to use to create stunning designs and prototypes.

Figma allows you to create these prototypes of your designs to send to clients to test your design; this gives the designer the opportunity to maximise the user experience aspect of the design. It also has the wonderful feature of live collaboration so that all your designers can easily share their work amongst one another – this coupled with Figma’s intuitive toolset allows you easily improve your workflow as well as your quality of work.

Why use Figma

Here are a few reasons why you should be looking at Figma:

No need to pay

Figma is a free cloud-based software, however there is a paid version to unlock a few extra features but the free version has everything you need to make professional, interactive designs. Now isn’t that just every designer’s dream? No need for all those subscriptions and licenses.

High demand and loads of educational content

The future is digital and there is no doubt about that, therefore it comes as no surprise that UX/UI has become a skill that is in high demand. Figma offers people of all levels of experience the same opportunity to turn this into a career. There is plenty of educational material that allows people of any experience level to learn the tools on offer.

Some high-quality educational material that Figma has on offer can be found here:

There are also plenty of courses available on platforms such as Skillshare and Udemy.

The ultimate all-in-one tool

Figma released an innovative update called FIGJAM which is a virtual white board tool, this allows users to easily create UX and User flows but it doesn’t stop there; FIGJAM also allows users to create their own widgets and FIGJAM plugins. This alone puts Figma leaps and bounds ahead of other design tools on offer.


One of the worst things that can happen to you as a designer is your laptop or PC crashing mid project and losing whatever you haven’t saved up until that point. Now, certain tools like Photoshop have the auto recover feature, but because Figma is cloud-based it’s constantly backing up your work and saving it to the cloud, therefore Figma can recover everything you have done up until the point where your device crashed.

Figma also runs very smoothly with larger projects and won’t cause your device to overheat as it’s not as power hungry as most competing design software.

The industry is quickly taking to this awesome design tool as it is the future of UX and UI design and even though it was built specifically for UX/UI, designers are starting to use it for more: creating things like social media content, laying out their campaigns, and much more. If you haven’t started using Figma – now is the time.