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Keep Your Brand’s Feed Fun & Fresh

The most challenging part of a social media campaign? Coming up with ideas.

With the social media age BOOMING, it can be difficult to consistently generate great concepts that are aligned with your brand. That’s where we come in. At IMS, our social media team takes the time to understand your business’s corporate identity, culture, and customers to develop a sound social media strategy. This is communicated in the right tone and voice for your brand.

Our social teams have their finger on the pulse when it comes to trends and the latest events in your industry. Never miss out on the opportunity to tell your side of a trending topic or story. We can help you create fast and informative social media posts to establish a consistent look and feel throughout your platforms. Both the social and design teams work closely to achieve a professional social media presence for your brand.

But it doesn’t end there. With great social presence, comes great engagement.

Juggling multiple social profiles on top of your own business operations can be tough. Our team manages your pages in a proficient and interactive manner to get the most out of positive comments and to minimize negativity. We know how to handle the haters, trolls, and spammers.

Don’t believe us? We’ll come through with the facts – reporting and analytics. We can track who is looking for you, thinking about you and speaking about you. We can also spy on your competitors and check out what they’re doing so you can do it better.

Leave your socials in our trusted hands and let us build a loving community around you.