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The Rise of Black Friday in South Africa

Over the past few years South Africa has adopted many trends and stores from the USA, from fashion to Burger King & McDonalds, Idols and some even going as far as adopting an American accent. The biggest craze we have adopted so far has to be Black Friday, from the stampedes to fights over products and people setting up camp in the malls just to be the first in store to get the best deals. reports that interest in Black Friday in South Africa over the past 5 years has gone up by 9900% with the average global growth of interest being 117%. More and more South African are embracing the Black Friday phenomenon. They also report that 86% of South Africans know about Black Friday and that 66% are willing to participate in this global phenomenon.

Using, searches with the term “Black Friday” have been consistently increasing leading up towards the 23rd of November. What does this mean for your business you may ask? Well with this growing interest in black Friday deals, now would be the perfect time to take advantage of this phenomenon and fill up your sales funnel.

An online presence is key in taking advantage of Black Friday and filling up your sales funnel, with consumers starting their black Friday journey online before heading to physical stores. Using multiple channels online to gather information on where to find the best deals, such as Google search, Facebook and other online platforms. Using these platforms  you can create campaigns that create anticipation and hype around your deals with a strong call to action that will get people to sign up to your newsletter, or to like your Facebook page in order to get exclusive deals before Black Friday, effectively growing your database and helping grow your relationship with potential customers

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