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What is Lorem Ipsum

For those of us that don’t speak Latin, in layman’s terms, Lorem Ipsum is dummy or place holder text. It has been used for over two millennia and according to research by Richard McClintock, Lorem Ipsum dates back to 45 BC from a series of classical Latin literature De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum (The ends of Good and Evil) that was written by Marcus Tullius Cicero an ancient Roman philosopher and statesman.

The placeholder text in modern-day designs is used in a much more versatile manner by designers, developers, content creators. Designers use Lorem Ipsum to fill in blank spaces until it is replaced with the actual content. Developers use Lorem Ipsum text in an effective way to set up fonts and page layouts while content creators can accurately measure the content for a website by looking at the amount of Lorem Ipsum that has been used on a page layout.

Lorem Ipsum, has as we discovered earlier has been a long time stable dummy text for most people, Yes designers are people too… But there are some alternatives listed below that you can use for your next project, my favourite being anything to do with the Bat.

Batman Ipsum

Not Lorem Ipsum


Picksum Ipsum

Zombie Ipsum

It may have been a coincidence that Cicero works became the most used filler text as the garbled words of a legendary rhetorician has survived for over four centuries.