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Why Your Business Must Have A Website

The main reason for any website design is to engage and then convert users into customers.

The world wide web is fast and always changing, your website needs a solid presence. Without that, you will fall behind and your competition will flourish by staying ahead of the curve. More so, having a website is a basic requirement for your marketing efforts. 

A good deal of developers are proficient in coding and design, creating a purposeful website requires a plan, the design must have an effective structure and layout.

Grow and market your business with the help of your website.

The competition has a website, so should you. Increase your brand awareness with targeted traffic to sell your products or services on your website. This allows you to market your business 24 hours a day. Don’t miss out on online traffic, capturing visitors’ information can turn valuable leads into customers.

Over 90% of searches select businesses on the first page. Every business wants to appear on the first page of Google. Don’t underestimate the importance of a SEO optimized website. The further down the page results, the lower the click through rate. Ranking with related keywords on google is priceless.

Own your assets, don’t lease them.

With website builders like Wix, you are renting a website. You have to pay a fee for their platform, if they raise the prices, you can’t take your website elsewhere. Wix offers amazing templates, but once you chose the temple you want, you can’t change it. Not the best idea with the fast paste changes in the online world.

Wordpress is the most popular website builder. Over 30% of the web uses WordPress, Wix and alike make up less than 1%. Wordpress is open source and offers better theme designs and functionality.

Own your online presence.

Having a website is important for the success of your business. A website backed by a solid strategy is crucial. It is the basis of your online marketing strategy, and the main purpose of a website design is to engage and convert users into customers.