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3 Misperceptions About YouTube Ads

There’s no doubt about it – video content is powerful. With YouTube alone having over 2 billion users, it’s no wonder video marketing is on the rise.

The consumption habits of users are constantly evolving and with that, video content has become a pre-requisite to great marketing. However, there exist many assumptions behind creating YouTube Ads and how they should be done. Today, we’re going to debunk the top three. But, first – let’s understand YouTube Ads in a little bit more detail.  

What Are YouTube Ads?

YouTube advertising is done through Google Ads and is a means of advertising your video content on YouTube to maximise your user reach.

There are four different types of YouTube Ads:

  1. Skippable video ads
  2. Non-skippable video ads
  3. Bumper ads
  4. Overlay ads

YouTube Ads are a powerful tool to promote your content to a massive audience. If crafted correctly, your videos can achieve a personal connection and drive traffic to your site in a way that makes a difference.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths surrounding YouTube Ads.

Misperceptions About YouTube Ads

Regardless of what tools you have at your disposal, there is one thing that reigns superior – A good creative that cuts through the noise and highlights the heart of your brand. But what should your creative consist of? Should it look like the stream of existing YouTube ads out there or not?

To help you answer these questions, here are three of the most popular misperceptions we’ve encountered.

Assumption #1: Success on YouTube Is a Guessing Game

Knowing what works and what doesn’t work on YouTube is about trial and error, to a point.  But that doesn’t mean shooting in the dark until you find something that works. There exist some basic principles to create effective YouTube Ads and they should be followed closely.

Assumption #2: Lower-Funnel Ads Aren’t as Creative as Upper-Funnel Ads

When it comes time to create lower-funnel ads, you need not be any less creative than you would if you were creating upper-funnel ads. Remember – you can be creative about being direct. Align your creativity with your viewers passion points.

Assumption #3: Good YouTube Ads Have the Same Look and Style

Sure, there are creative principles that should help guide your ads in the right direction but there is no one-size-fits-all approach to successful YouTube Ads. There is a wide range of different kinds of effective YouTube Ads; many don’t even look or feel like ads. What your ad says and how it makes people feel is what is most important.

Finding digital success with YouTube Ads starts with following the foundational principles of effective creative coupled with taking advantage of the capabilities YouTube offers.

At the end of the day, your brand is unique, and the approach other brands are taking will not necessarily work for yours. Spend some time understanding your brand and how to weave its essence into your YouTube Ad creatives – and you’ll be well on your way to creating effective YouTube campaigns.