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5 Tips for Promoting Your Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has more than 700 million users globally and is usually considered to be the most trusted social network. 40% of LinkedIn users use the site daily, and it’s a great platform to get your content to other like-minded people and potentially increase your conversions. LinkedIn is a platform that provides a great opportunity for you to have your voice heard and it can bolster your standing as an expert.

1. Share Content in aligned industries to those you are promoting

The key here is to consistently share information that interests your network and potential clients. Sharing industry-adjacent content provides the opportunity for you to showcase content you’re familiar with that could be useful to your network and potential clients. So, if you’re selling cars, sharing information about interest rates will be useful.

2. Publish Content Regularly

Social media activity becomes more valuable if you publish content consistently. Posting on a regular basis (like every Tuesday and Thursday) will provide you with a good return on your time investment. Check to see which posts generate the most engagements (check other peoples pages and business pages) and use this information to guide what types of posts and media you should be creating. Pro Tip – Video content outperforms posts with just images.

3. Use Hashtags

Replace words with hashtags in your posts so they become more #visable and are easier to find. Hashtags allow your posts to be seen by a larger number of users that are outside of your direct connections. You can use popular industry hashtags as well as relevant ones if they are appropriate. #LinkedInTips #GetMoreFromLinkedinPosts

4. Grab Attention

There are millions of posts, articles and videos shared every day on LinkedIn. The competition for your post is tough, so create messages and content that is thought-provoking, shareable, intelligent and useful to the reader.

5. Have a Call to Action

It’s great having well-written, thought-provoking articles; however, consider closing them with a call-to-action. A good example would be; for more information / more detailed insights / my learnings from the research – message me on LinkedIn. Keep your call-to-action enticing, and ensure the message is clear on what a person can expect when they reach out to you.

LinkedIn is a great platform to allow you to promote your business, drive engagement and get new clients. Make sure you are offering your audience valuable content with each of your posts and keep trying different approaches, images, videos and hashtags till you find something that works well.