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Best Practices for Posting on Facebook

Social Media has had an unprecedented impact on users and businesses alike. With over a billion daily active users, Platforms such as Facebook, have allowed users to interact with businesses and their favourite brands at all times. For Businesses, it has become an indispensable tool that they can use to understand their audience, build relationships, and shape their brand image.    

High-Quality Content

As one can imagine, with over a billion daily active users, there is no shortage of content on Facebook. To be able to catch the eye of users you must create eye-catching content. People may be more likely to pause on, interact with and respond positively to posts with a creative that captures their attention. Every post should include images, GIFs or videos. Make sure that these assets are high quality. Don’t use blurry images or videos. Avoid content that doesn’t accurately reflect your brand or message.

Make posts actionable

Try out different tactics to grab your audience’s attention and drive them to take actions that you care about. Share articles or blogs from your website. Provide links to your newsletter sign-up form. Ask your fans to answer a question or share their opinions in the comment section of your post. Or use infographics to increase Shares.

While not every post needs to encourage action, actionable posts may increase engagement and provide business value when the action is directly related to your business goals.

Know your audience

Understanding your audience allows you to tailor experiences and posts that engage with them. If you’re not sure who your audience is or how to connect with them, try using Page Insights to learn more about where they’re from and the types of posts they’ve interacted with in the past. If you’re still trying to grow your audience on Facebook and don’t have enough insights yet, try creating different types of posts and monitor the engagement that each post gets. Look for spikes in the number of likes, comments or shares and ask yourself questions. Did the post ask people to take an action? Did I use a specific type of copy, text, or video? Did my post contain a compelling message?

Each audience is different, and you will need to understand your specific audience to be able to attract more people like them. There’s no one solution to capture an audience’s attention, but with practice, you can find a formula that works for you.

Keep posts simple

In general, simple posts with clean creative are best at capturing an audience’s attention. Try these steps:

Keep your colour scheme clean and consistent

Use colours that either match your brand or match the feeling that you want your brand to convey. Using consistent branding and colours across your posts will allow users to associate your content with your brand.

Include recognisable images

Images are a great way to convey a message without the user investing time into reading your post. An easily recognisable image can help guide users towards your content. The image should be understandable at a glance.

Use minimal, concise and effective text

You want to make your posts as easy to understand as possible. The first sentence should let the user know exactly what you are trying to say or hook them into wanting to read more. Rambling is a great way to push people away from your content.

Pin significant posts

If you have major news or an announcement, pin it to the top of your Page. Anyone that visits will see it first. It can encourage engagement or inform customers of upcoming changes or events. Make sure that you keep track of your pinned post, so it doesn’t become outdated. For example, if you pin a post about an upcoming sale, remove it after the sale to avoid confusing people.

Whilst there is no steadfast way to drive traffic and engagement, these are some of the steps you can take to grow your Facebook presence through the content that you post.