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Content Marketing: Expectation vs. Reality

No matter what industry you’re in, everyone is talking about content marketing. It’s becoming more relevant nowadays as every organisation wants to expand its reach, improve its marketing strategies, and capitalise on the power of content marketing campaigns.

By providing valuable content to a target audience, you can promote your brand and shed some light on the relatively unknown side of your business. This is an opportunity to form stable relationships with your customers. However, there are many misconceptions floating around on how content marketing should be handled. Below are some common content marketing expectations vs reality:

Creating Quality Content is Easy
No doubt that it is easy to create content. What you need to do is write articles and publish ads with your target audience in mind so you can deliver content to specific consumers.

However, creating content is not as easy as it looks. The content you create should not feel like it’s mass-produced in a factory. Any content you produce needs to be well researched, with the right focus keywords to enhance your SEO and the potential to climb search ranks. But more than that, it needs to be content that people (and potential customers) enjoy.

Quantity Is Better Than Quality
Some marketers think that posting daily or weekly content is enough to attract attention. Sure, publishing as many posts as you can is an excellent way to gain more clicks. Not to mention, using the right keywords for our captions and meta titles is a recipe for success in terms of SEO. But there is more than just quantity over quality when it comes to content marketing.

One Share Is Enough
Even if you create excellent content for your website or social media page, one share is not enough to gain leads. Great content does not always lead to the number of leads you might be expecting. A strong social media presence is what will generate increase traffic to a website and improve load generation. You must share your posts on various digital platforms to increase your chances of getting clicks and attracting readers. Doing so will also improve your SEO rankings.

Content must be created to speak to the right audience at the right time on the right platform. To improve the efficiency of your content marketing campaign, you need to focus on delivering consistent quality content.