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Gen Z Marketing Trends for 2022

Gen Z’s are no longer as young as we remember. The oldest of which are either midway through university studies, or entering the workforce. As such they now have purchasing power within their households.

Gen Z individuals are a hypercognitive group who are keen to use technology to collect and cross-reference information sources, and research brands and their products.

Companies with a Purpose

Approximately 55% of Gen Z consumers prefer – and specifically seek out – socially responsible brands. Digital marketing 2022 strategies for Generation Z will need to include communicating your company values and how your brand positively contributes to society.

Meaningful Interaction

This generation prefers meaningful interactions over brand appeal. Studies have shown the majority of Gen Z consumers view a brand’s responsiveness as indicative of its authenticity. They prefer companies that respond to feedback.

While this group is not keen on loyalty programs, an excellent online reputation management strategy is going to be an effective Gen Z marketing approach. Whether you manage your online reputation marketing on your own or you hire a digital marketing agency to do it for you, your responses to this market’s feedback need to sound genuine and authentic.


The younger generation wants a thoughtful, tailored experience, not a one-size-fits-all interaction. Your online reputation marketing and email marketing campaigns should have a more personalized approach. A segmented email list is a good example of how to do email marketing to Generation Z leads.

Mobile Experience

Mobile experience has become a necessity with digital marketing. Not only for your ads and the platforms that you target, but also for your website. Most users that use social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter use their mobile apps. Creating a seamless transition from an ad to your landing page reduces the friction from moving between app and browser.


Gen Z values their privacy and tend to opt-out of allowing cookies and being tracked across the web. Especially with Apple’s new activity-tracking pop-up, users are more cognizant of this than ever. Their want for privacy can make targeting them through in-app ads quite challenging. The best way to target Gen Z’s is through the social media platforms that they use.

Multiple Social Media accounts

It’s not uncommon for Gen Z’s to have multiple social media accounts, as well as multiple accounts on the same platforms. Create a social media strategy that targets the common platforms that they use, such as, Instagram and Tik Tok.