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Google Ads Scripts

Ever wondered if there was a way you could just tell Google Ads to automatically pause keywords or ads to almost automatically optimise your campaign? or could create custom reports using Google Docs or Google Sheets and automatically distribute these reports? Well, there is a way you can do this and so much more using Google Ads scripts!

What are Google Ads Scripts?

Google Ads scripts is a browser-based IDE that uses simple JavaScript that will allow you to programmatically control your Google Ads data and campaigns. These scripts can allow you to automate standard procedures for one or many Google Ads accounts.

In simple terms, Google Ads scripts are lines of code you can create to automatically control your Google Ads campaigns and campaigns data. Some basic Google Ads scripts include:

  • Bid modifiers
  • Pausing and/or Deleting
  • Bidding and Budgets
  • Labeling
  • Reporting
  • Automating Maintenance
  • Alerts
  • Tools

Why use Google Ads Scripts?

By helping you automate the more tedious processes in your campaign management, Google Ads scripts will save you time to allow you to focus more on optimising performance. These scripts can also help you with optimising your campaigns by combing through loads of data and identifying optimisation opportunities that you may have missed.

You can also create simple reports with just the information you need and distribute these reports to the relevant individuals using Google Ads scripts.

Google Ads scripts can do more than just automate campaigns, optimise campaigns and generate reports; you can set up alerts incase something goes wrong with your campaign, create extensions or even do bulk uploads of third-party data.

What if I have no coding experience?

You don’t need to worry, Google has provided us with all the tools and information we will need to understand how Google Ads scripts work and their many functions. Google offers a catalog of information around Google Ads scripts that is beginner friendly, with step-by-step guides on how to create, test and action many different Google Ads scripts.

Google also provides you with access to ready-to-use example scripts to help you get started. Google also offers support to help you through any issue you may have with your scripts.

You can also preview all scripts for activating them, allowing you to see how they will effect your campaign before making any actual changes.

Get Started!

Everything you will need to create your own Google Ads scripts or learn more about their functions and capabilities, visit the Google Ads scripts developer page. Learning to code can be intimidating but Google Ads scripts is not only easy to learn; it can help take your campaign optimisation and marketing efforts to the next level.