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How effective are Facebook lead generation Ads?

Simple put – Facebook Lead Generation Ads are very effective, but it depends on what you are trying to generate leads for. When you create a Facebook Lead Ad there are two elements. The ad, and the form that a person completes.

  1. For the ad itself, have a strong call to action like Find You Perfect Home or Reduce Your Monthly Data Costs. Remember the objective here is to get as many relevant people as possible, to fill in the form so you can reach out to them and hopefully convert them into customers.
  2. For the form, keep in mind Facebook can pre-populate specific fields like Name, Email Address and Contact Number. In the form, you can also ask questions (open-ended or multiple-choice) like; When do you plan on buying? With answer options such as: Today | Next Week | Next Month | Sometime in the Future. Use these questions to further segment your leads and filter them.
  3. Finally, ensure your ad targeting is hitting the correct segment both demographically and behaviourally – through the usual Facebook Ad settings.

Keep in mind Facebook Lead Ads are not a silver bullet; however, they can be very effective at reaching specific target audiences that use Facebook. Try them, test them and optimise them and you may get great results.